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If you've ever said, "What do I do now? How do I get started? How do I get clients? What do I do with clients when I get them? How do I market my coaching? How much do I charge?
I'm stuck!"

The Coach2coach SMARTER START: Passion to Profit series is the answer.
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SMARTER START: Passion to Profit
by Stephanie Wolfe, NBC-HWC

As far back as the late 19th century it was determined that many people failed in their endeavors, not because they lacked intelligence or courage, but because they did not organize their energies around the objective.

Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-focused is not a new formula but applying these powerful principles to the world of health coaching can be!  Learn how coaches are attaining their goals, while adding the power of creating an Exciting and Rewarding practice their can be proud of and enjoy! Stephanie shares some of the most valuable steps to increase confidence and organize your energies around the objective as you build the business of your health coaching practiceTurn your Passion for health and wellness into a profitable wellness business!

On-Demand and Private options available.

On-Demand Training

$229 / 6 Sessions / 6 CEs
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(NBHWC CE Approved Course Number CE-000028-1)

SMARTER Start: Passion to Profit will help you launch, grow, or improve your health coaching practice. Ideal for newly certified coaches, health coaches having trouble getting their businesses off the ground, and connect with a mentor  to take your practice to the next level. Stephanie says, "I will give you many ideas as I come along side you sharing how I laid my foundation, formulated my plan, and built my business from the ground up!  You will learn from my steps and miss-steps, as you use this resource with all the worksheets to Lay your foundation, Formulate your plan and Build your business.

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  • 6 Session / 10 Steps / 1 Course
  • Pre-recorded for your Convenience
  • Educational and Inspirational PowerPoint Presentations
  • Session Worksheets for Application
  • 3 Phase: Get Ready. Get Set. Go.
  • 6 CEUs + Completion Certificate
  • Gain Personal and Professional Confidence

As the popularity of her health coach mentoring grew, Stephanie developed TheCoach2coach SMARTER Start program – a six-session NBHWC CE Approved Program. Each presentation is written and taught by Stephanie and offers a series of worksheets designed to guide health coaches through a step-by-step process to start, grow, or improve their practices. 

CE-000028-1: SMARTER START for Health Coaches: Passion to Profit


Private 1:1 Training

$949 / 7 Sessions / 6 CEs
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(NBHWC CE Approved Course Number CE-000028-1

Same amazing course with personal coaching! A great way to cut out the trial and error of going it alone in the establishment and growth of your  health coaching practice, one-on-one business coaching from one of the world’s  most successful National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches in private practice. This personal, experience with Stephanie as your coach, focuses on you and your goals with all elements of the SMARTER Start: Passion to Profit course. PLUS: one additional session for completing the process and moving you forward.

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  • 7 Weeks of Individual Attention
  • 60 Minutes per Session
  • Live Face-to-Face Interaction
  • Professional PowerPoint Presentation with live coaching with Stephanie
  • Weekly Worksheets for Application
  • Personalized Q&A
  • Customized, Focused Objectives
  • 6 CEUs + Completion Certificate
  • Gain Personal and Professional Confidence

Materials and support from the ground up with live coaching and curriculum developed by Stephanie, The Coach2coach SMARTER Start program is customized to your specific objectives, location, certification and more. This concentrated course is ideal for newly certified coaches, health coaches having trouble getting their businesses off the ground, or those who need fresh inspiration and creativity to take their practice to the next level.

CE-000028-1: SMARTER START for Health Coaches: Passion to Profit

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Ethical and Successful Product Integration

You are a wellness professional.  Combining your love of coaching and your love of a product line is a lesson I learned early so please pay attention when I say if you offer a product of any kind it is extremely important that you know the right way to integrate the presentation of your product with your clients/students. If you stay within your scope of practice and your ethics agreement you will be successful.

Successful product integration is key to a winning partnership and can certainly help your bottom line IF you know where, when, and how to integrate it into your practice, however it can sink both ships, leave you stranded, and your clients upset and confused if you do not!

Buy this course today. Listen and learn as Stephanie teaches you how to successfully blend health coaching and product integration. Enjoy the benefits of learning how to combine your love of a product and your love of coaching through Ethical and Successful Product Integration!

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