Coach2coach Consulting

$100/hr or 6 sessions for $500

These sessions are perfect for the coach that is interested in learning more after completing Stephanie’s SMARTER Start: Passion to Profit and/or the Coach2client Individual Coaching Program (ICP) for private customized follow up sessions. If you want a deeper dive into specific areas of interest or more personalized training, or just to get to know Stephanie, her coaching philosophy, and her approach then make sure to book a session.  If you buy a 5-session package, Stephanie will provide a FREE sixth session for you! 

“Even health coaches need a health coach! A coach’s life is hard and busy, serving and supporting others.  We need inspiration, motivation, and support too, if we are going to truly walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  It is important that we live out our live out our own self-care, so I am here for you to focus on your own personal health and wellness to be at your best in every area of life and business.

The Coach2coach also offers Private Sessions covering a la carte subjects like Corporate Connection: Discovery to Delivery and Successful Product Integration, or Coach’s Choice. 

  • Your Health – The Coach’s Personal wellness and health goals
  • Your Skills – The Coach’s Professional skills, education, motivation
  • Your Business – The Coach’s Profession, Practice and Profits
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