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Personal, Practical and Professional Wellness Mentorship that inspires confidence and programs that offer a proven path to the practice of your dreams. Business owners benefit from a having a business coach, and even health coaches benefit from having a health coach. But, if you are a health coach who wants to be a successful business owner, wouldn’t you want to be coached by a health coach who is a successful business owner? If so, you have come to the right place.

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Stephanie Wolfe holds credentials from the National Board of Medical Examiners as a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  She holds a Master Certification with Dr. William Sears, MD and served on the staff of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute as the Exam Prep Facilitator for those studying to take their board exam. As an Approved Provider, Continuing Education Credits are available for Board-Certified coaches around the world.

She is a small business owner in private practice in Gwinnett County where she is has won the “Best of Gwinnett” award the past 4 years for her work as
The Whole Food Health Coach, LLC, now in its 9th year.  Her advanced training, professional education, and personal experience has made her a proven leader in her field, and a creator of curriculum that is making it possible for individuals to reach their health and wellness goals in record numbers.  She is an author, speaker, trainer, and coach for major companies, law firms, and government entities.

"Never take advice from someone you wouldn't switch places with."
-Darren Hardy

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What Coaches Are Saying About Our Programs

After I got certified as a health coach, I had the opportunity to take Coach2Coaches group training with Stephanie. I decided to take her training because I wanted to start on the right path to grow my business. Stephanie was very instrumental in helping me succeed in my practice. She is very knowledgeable and professional, her expertise and leadership skills guided me throughout my coaching career. Most important, she practices what she preaches,  so she is not just an amazing coach, she is a great leader and inspiring woman. I would recommend her training programs to any coach that wants to take their practice to the next level.
-Sonia Cervantes, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach
Meeting Stephanie 4 years ago was a fortuitous event.  Continuing to follow her presentations through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute sessions and at coaches training events grew my conviction to put my health coach certification into action.  My first training session was her 90 minute virtual training.  This enlightened me that it was OK to make presentations fit me, while following the principles to be taught. Shortly after this I joined her for a weekend session at her office in Atlanta, where several of us experienced firsthand presentations.  It all came together, and thanks to Stephanie I am up fitting my website to include coaching offerings, products, upcoming events, and blogging.  Stephanie is committed, as evidenced by her master coaching and board certification.  She inspires me to learn more so I can teach more.  Thanks to Stephanie's influence, I know my coaching business will flourish as I continue to inspire healthy living around the world.
-Coach Roger, NCHC
“After I graduated from the Sears Wellness Institute I wasn't sure what direction to take my health coaching business.  I decided to search for other health coaches that were having some success. After talking with a few other coaches, I reached out to Stephanie via a FB video call. We had a wonderful discussion and I immediately went to one of her classes and scheduled a 1 on 1 session with her to learn more about how she was using her business to help others.  I learned so much from her in terms of coaching and appreciated her sincerity and kindness.  I've participated in some of her coaching classes and they have all provided me with nuggets of information to use in my own business.  She is an awesome cheerleader as well.”
-Coach Kim Kennedy, CHC
“You are the missing link in getting started as a Health Coach!  Once we have our certification, having someone to help us maneuver through the many questions, "how to's" and decisions we have to make is what I have needed.  Especially for those who are new to the business world.  I don't doubt that many new coaches become discouraged and don't continue the coaching career because they need a mentor like you to help guide them along this new path.”
-Fonda Luersman, Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach
Anytime Stephanie Wolfe, The Whole Food Health Coach, offers her Coach2coach Zoom classes you need to run, not walk, and get signed up and tell your other certified health coach friends to sign up. I have had the privilege of being coached by Stephanie since May of 2017. I've taken her Zoom classes, and I drove from St. Louis to Atlanta to experience her weekend coaches training—loved every minute of it! Stephanie coaches from her heart, and she is very straight forward in sharing methods that worked and did not work for her when she first started her coaching business. She genuinely cares about your success! If you're struggling with getting your health coaching business started or need a boost in your confidence, contact Stephanie and get started learning strategies that will help you grow personally and professionally.
-Debbie Weidemeier, CHC
Stephanie’s SMARTER START: Passion to Profit series really helped me to think of all the focus areas any person needs to know when starting a coaching practice. Her inspiring, positive, private coaching in addition to this course energized me as I considered everything from my story, business administration, marketing, and pricing. Her encouragement enabled me to keep on going when I faced obstacles I didn’t feel like I could overcome. Her insight is unsurpassed and she truly wanted to make sure I have what I needed.  She was there for me every step of the way and truly wants each of us to succeed.
-Cara Strong, MCHCStep Forward Health Coaching, LLC
Working with Stephanie has impacted my coaching business in many ways.  I am much more organized and motivated.  She provides the leadership, resources and guidance to create, build and grow a successful coaching practice.  From creating business and marketing plans to finding and converting prospects to clients her knowledge and teaching set me up for success. Every step of the coaching business was taught including the important legal steps i.e.: banking, business registration etc...  She helped me identify the moving pieces of starting and running a coaching practice and how and where to put those pieces into place to make my business solid.  I highly recommend Stephanie.
-Roxie, NBC-HWC

SMARTER START: Passion to Profit “Stephanie lays out the steps for success in an organized doable fashion. Her insight and experience are worth the time and money!”

-Candace, NBC-HWC